Swing Dancing At Clohessy’s

A lady once asked Fats Waller, ” what is swing? “. His reply, ” lady, if you’ve got to ask, you ain’t got it ” was sassy, but not much help!
The term ‘Swing’ is used to describe a range of dances, Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, 6 beat, but to name a few.

Swing encompasses a wide spectrum of music, from the big and small band Jazz music of the 1930s and early 1940s, through the Jump Jive of Louis Jordan, early R&B and the Rat Pack lounge crooners of the 1950s to the new swing bands of today.

Any kind of dancing is a great way to loose your stress, up your energy, improve your stamina and make you smile at least once while your’e doing it! When in full swing you can drop 235 calories an hour. You might even improve your posture. Thats what they say.

Any one is welcome to Swing dance, there’s no age limit and it’s not a private club, the more the merrier! You don’t need a partner but we are looking for more guys! The teachers are accomplished dancers, easy going, lot’s of fun and keen to impart their love of this great past-time with you.

Every Monday the lovely folks at Galway Swing travel to Limerick to share their knowledge of this resilient dance with us.
Swing is a great way to meet new people, keep fit and listen to some of the best Swing, Jazz, Blues and Rock and Roll ever recorded!

Total beginners~7pm
Beginners plus~8pm

Spread the word folks!!Get yer Shwang on!!