Si at Shannon Rowing Club February 25, 2010

Speakeasy Jazz Limerick is delighted to have the very beautiful Sí gracing the Shannon Rowing Club at 9.30pm this Thursday. The Rowing Club will prove the perfect venue for this bewitching songstress. Sí is a singer, songwriter, harpist and pianist originally from Dublin but now living in Limerick. Her songs are sad little things about life, love, heartbreak and all those kinds of things. Sí has been gigging around the place for a while now and is currently recording her debut album with Fergal Lawlor from The Cranberries, due to be released in early summer.

Sí’s guests on the night will be Laura Sheehan and Vertigo Smyth.

Laura Sheeran is a 22 year old solo artist based in Dublin. Her musical path began at the age of 15 when asked by friend Clodagh Simonds (Mellow Candle, current 93) to do some singing for a then embryonic project later to be known as Fovea Hex.   Since then she has continued to sing with Fovea Hex in the studio and also for live performances (where she plays accordion and bowed saw also) along-side Cora Venus lunny (ICC ensemble, Yurodny) Kate Ellis (Crash ensemble) and Michael Begg (Human Greed). Other contributors to this project include the likes of Roger Doyle, Brian Eno, Roger Eno, Robert Fripp, Percy Jones, Donal Lunny, Andrew Mckenzie, Matmos and Steven Wilson.  Laura’s solo music is highly atmospheric, lending itself well for use in theater and other visual media like film. Over the past few months Laura has been putting the finishing touches to her debut record which has developed into a double album. in making this record Laura explored various musical places, deciding early on that she would abandon the idea of writing with piano or guitar she has been experimenting with many instruments she would never before have written for, for example the harp, flute and accordion. She also had a lot of fun writing for strings and of course did a lot of vocal experimentation. Entitled ‘lust of pig and the fresh blood’ the album is due for release this year.

Straight out of Ennis, comes Vertigo Smyth. This is normally a paragraph where you find out about Vertigo Smyth. However, it has proven quite difficult to get any useful biographical data out of the man. We know for certain he is from Co. Clare and is an Aries. There is strong anecdotal evidence to suggest that he now resides in Limerick, or perhaps Clare, or even Galway. Not much is known about his musical background but it is understood that he came quite late to music and music making. In the past few years he has supported such acts as Mick Flannery, Cathy Davey, Gemma Hayes and Juana Molina. On his recorded material he is credited with guitar, banjo, ukulele and keys but has been keen to stress that; “There is a difference between owning a multitude of instruments and being a multi-instrumentalist”. He writes all his own material but finds ironing his own shirts quite a struggle.

Later in the night when the live music has been all played away, Ms.Skull will be waiting to take off, in her own particular fashion on the decks. Ms.Skull has a very broad repertoire of music and is eminently skilled at getting the room moving in time with the tunes!