RTÉ Lyric fm axes its jazz programming

Letter to RTÉ Lyric fm by Ed Hansom…

I’m a member of the Limerick Jazz Society committee and am involved in organising a regular jazz workshop here.

I find it very frustrating that Lyric has taken the axe to its jazz programming without any explanation to its listeners and minimal notice. It would be nice to know what the basis was for this decision. There are a number of examples of other genres such as contemporary classical and world music that are represented in both general programming (e.g. JK Ensemble, Blue of the Night) but which also have dedicated time on your station. Judging by the space allocated in record shops jazz is just as popular as these genres if not more so. You have a public service job to do and jazz fans pay taxes like everyone else.
I am planning to organise a local petition to Lyric to reverse this decision. I would like to know where it should be addressed and whether there is any threshold of public protest that will affect your decision.

Ed Hansom
Email: limerickimprov@gmail.com
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