Oxysonoric Lounge Lizards at Speakeasy Jazz

Here’s hoping you had a great weekend, despite the freezing temperatures! Those of you who are game enough to brave the weather this week are in for a treat, because next Thursday, Nov 18th, SpeakeasyJazz would like to invite you to shake down with some Experimental Easy-listening on Planet Groove.

With inventive re-workings of tunes you know, in forms you may not instantly recognise, the Oxysonoric Lounge Lizards deconstruct, dismember,
reconfigure, rejuvenate and radically rework jazz standards, gospel, soul, soundtracks, classic mainstream and underground sub-pop anthems.

Think of a trip-hop, be-bop mash up for the ears, the mind, the soul, and the feet, and you’re starting to get the right idea. It’s impossible to contain this outfit by genre. The dynamic between the instruments and vocals make them more than the sum of their parts.

The Oxysonoric Lounge Lizards treat all music as one, something to be played, played with, enjoyed, twisted and explored – something both expressive and entertaining, treated with respect, and humour.

If the Cottonclub was still around this may well be the kind of stuff they would be playing.

A retro-future, genre blender bringing swing to the new and funk to the old.

So much to do and so little time!…. As a treat a group from The Limerick Jazz Workshops will be coming along to play a half hour set before The Oxysonorics, and DJ A2DF will be along afterwards to keep ya bumpin’ and jumpin’ on the floor until all hours!

Don’t be scared, its good for you!

The Oxysonoric Lounge Lizards
Support band from Limerick Jazz Workshops
Followed by DJ Til late

The Shannon Rowing Club
Thur Nov 18th

Doors 9.00