Limerick Jazz Workshop Second Level Student Project

LJW is calling for expressions of interest from young people aged 14-18 in participating in a workshop specifically structured with them in mind.


In order for the workshop to get off the ground, a level of interest needs to be established first. LJW is canvassing local music schools and secondary schools right now and we are optimistic that we will be able to start up in the new year.


LJW has been providing high quality jazz education in Limerick since 2007 in partnership with UCH Participation and Learning (two of our older participants were offered places on the jazz music BA in Dublin this year) 


We aim to work with young people from where they are musically, and therefore this jazz workshop will have a very contemporary flavour. The material worked with will be adapted to musical goals that are relevant to the young people. The musical basis of jazz and rock is the same and skills like arranging, music reading, rhythmic skills, improvisation and team work are transferable across all styles of music. For Junior Cert and Leaving Certificate Music students, what they will learn in the workshop will dove-tail very well with the curriculum, particularly the improvisation and ensemble elements. 


If you wish to participate or if you have any questions contact Ed Hansom on  For more information go to .