Jazz Lessons with Joe O’Callaghan

Joe is an outstanding guitarist and educator. He is mainly self-taught, although he has attended various classes over the years with Tommy Halferty and Ronan Guilfoyle. Joe has played with most leading Irish jazz musicians including Tommy Halferty, Louis Stewart, Ronan Guilfoyle, Richie Buckley, Michael Buckley and Justin Carroll.

He has also played with international musicians such as Julian Arguelles, Vincent Courtois, Dave Liebman, Tom Rainey, Martin Speake, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Paul Williamson, Nils Wogram and Dominique Pifalry. Joe is currently a member of the groups Metier, Fuzzy Logic Ensemble and Microclimate.

Starting Tues 5th + Wed 6th July.
Venue ; Peter Dee Academy of Music,Limerick.
5 lessons over 7 weeks(to allow for holidays),so you can pick any 5
weeks over a 7-week period.
All aspects of jazz covered such as ;
transcription,soloing ,theory,etc…
Lessons tailored to student`s requirements.
Cost ; 5 x 40 min individual lessons = 125 euros
Beginners to advanced.All instruments/vocalists.
For more info,contact;