Gyan Riley Trio

February 26th 2009 at 8.30pm

Dolan’s Warehouse €15/10

Gyan Riley (guitar)

Timb Harris (violin and viola)

Ches Smith (drums and hand percussion) 

Gyan Riley is a true original; a one-man melting pot who effortlessly fuses classical and jazz traditions with Indian ragas, Flamenco, and complex Balkan harmonies. He also plays a mean guitar: watch out for the impeccable chops, bright yet warm tone and razor-sharp articulation (Steve Reich no less is among his admirers). Like his father Terry Riley – the “godfather of minimalism”, who influenced everyone from Philip Glass and Brian Eno to the Who – Riley is also a talented composer who’s constantly pushing the boundaries. Not bad for someone who only picked up the guitar after winning it in a raffle aged 12!

On this tour Riley is joined by violinist/violist Timb Harris, best known for his electrifying shows with the Middle Eastern rock band Secret Chiefs 3, and Ches Smith, a stalwart of the New York cutting edge music scene who’s performed with a wide variety of experimental rock bands and jazz ensembles including Marc Ribot, Trevor Dunn’s Trio-Convulsant and Beat Circus. For this tour the trio will be playing mainly original compositions from Gyan’s recent album Melismantra with room made for improvisational solos, allowing for plenty of unexpected twists and turns.