Freeform Foundation At Speakeasy Jazz Jan 28th

Speakeasy is proud to play host to the ever elusive Freeform Foundation at The Shannon Rowing Club, Thursday January 28th.

Freeform Foundation are a sporadic formation of talented muso’s whose favourite method of composition, is none at all. The band formed circa 2005 and specialised in extended explorations of grooves and jams and being reactive off one another. Through out the years, band members came and went and plenty of musicians joined in the Foundation. Many a full house in Limerick enjoyed the expansive free styles of Freeform Foundation until a main member, Fergal, decided to up and roam the green fields of France and they went their separate ways. Every so often, when they are all in the same country they get together and let rip! This being a leap year, we are lucky enough to have them here in Limerick and ready to give us an outstanding show.

Freeform Foundation will be Fergal Naughtan~Guitar, Colin Bartley~Bass, Bart Kiely~Drums, Robbie Costello~Sax and who knows who else will drop by! It’s hard to pin down what influences this band, they play anything from Funk to Jazz or anywhere their jam takes them. Above all you could say they play music like it is seldom heard, by fusing it with an eclectic mix of various styles.

It’s not very often you will get a chance to catch this outfit play so grab it while you can.

The venue needs no introduction, The Shannon Rowing Club. It’s possibly the most beautiful building in Limerick City and a great place to listen to great music and have a great night out!



Freeform Foundation

The Shannon Rowing Club

Thurs Jan 28th

Doors 10pm

Adm 6e/8e after 10.30