Firm Routes

Joe O’Callaghan, Guitar

John Daly, Vibes

Peter Hanagan, Acoustic and Electric Bass

Ben Wanders, Drums

Tipperary born Joe O Callaghan is one of Ireland’s finest and most respected musicians. Joe has been playing guitar for the past 25 yrs at a very high level having played with some of the country’s finest musicians such as Ronan Guilfoyle Tommy Halferty, Mike Neilsen,Linley Hamilton,and Louis Stewart.  He has also worked with international artists such as Julian Arguelles, Vincent Courtois, Dave Liebman, Tom Rainey, Martin Speake, Tanya Kalmanovitch, Paul Williamson, Nils Wogram and Dominique Pifalry. Joe is an accomplished composer an arranger and is also a sought after educator which keeps him busy when he is not gigging.
This promisees to be a rippin’ gig featuring some heavy funk and rock based grooves so hold on to your seats.