Dorota Konczewska

Dorota Konczewska – Vocals
Brendan Doyle – Saxophone
Joe O’Callaghan – Guitar
Peter Hanagan – Bass
John Daly – Drums


Dorota Konczewska is a Polish composer, jazz singer and multimedia artist living in Ireland. She comes from a background in visual arts and holds an MA in Music Technology from the University of Limerick. Her recent work includes video art, mixed media installations and cross-audiovisual genre projects.

Dorota will be joined on stage with Limerick Trio Joe O Callaghan Peter Hanagan and John Daly and special guest, Dublin saxophonist Brendan Doyle.

Konczewska just finished recording her first jazz album with an international band in Perugia, Italy, called “Nina project” a tribute to Nina Simone. The album is expected to be presented in Ireland early next year. The ‘Nina Project’ first derived from a concert she did in Dolans last year for Limerick Jazz Society which packed the house.

 In her own words, my “approach and motifs come from the commonplace or from turning recognisable concepts on their heads.” She believes her music combines spirituality, love and “urban alienation” with a pervading gist of melancholy. Expect a night of “driving, probing, and adoring music” from this unconventional group.

“This is a great occasion for me to put together a couple of my favorite tunes and to blend them with electronic puppetry, voice and acoustic instrumentation into an intimate evening. Certain sounds give the music a breathing space and that’s what I am aiming for.”

The evening will also feature her own recent compositions performed in March 2009 at Kings Place Concert Hall, London . Pieces are arranged in vivid, imaginative and poetic language.