Andreas Varady at Bentleys 15th April

This Thursday 15th April ‘The Andreas Varady Quartet’ featuring David Lyttle, are to play an impromptu gig, upstairs in Bentley Barkers, O’Connell St. Limk.
Andreas is making waves in the Jazz pool and steadily making a name for himself as a seriously talented young Jazz musician. Andreas recently performed on RTE’s ‘The Guitar’, and, following his popularity on the internet, and performances in Limerick and  the Cork Jazz Festival, has been invited to play at many international festivals this year, including Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter Festival, Derry Jazz Festival and Brecon Jazz Festival.
Irish drumming star David Lyttle will be featuring Andreas throughout the year, both in his own band and in his ‘Jazz Juniors’ educational project, and also playing in Andreas’ quartet. He describes him as ‘immensely talented and already very advanced, with an exciting future’.

This is a great chance to see Andreas and David play before they take to the road for a Summer tour, and it’s an extra treat that it’s free!

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The Andreas Varady QT feat David Lyttle
Upstairs Bentley Barkers
Thur Apr 15th