November 26th, 2008
Dolan’s Upstairs


David Berkman, (pianist, leader and arranger), America.
Michael Buckley, (tenor and soprano saxophone), Ireland.
Phil Bancroft, (tenor and soprano saxophone), Scotland.
Paul Towndrow, (alto and soprano saxophone), Scotland.
Aidan O’Donnell (double bass), Ireland/Scotland.
Sean Carpio (drums), Ireland.

American jazz pianist David Berkman visited Ireland and Scotland regularly over the last seven years performing with both countries’ outstanding exponents and his concept, The AMEIRESCO Sextet, brings them together.

Berkman arranges the writing. These fine composers perform their own pieces in this unique lineup. Ireland is represented by its finest tenor saxophonist, Michael Buckley, who is joined by the phenomonal Dublin drummer Sean Carpio and Irish/Scottish bassist Aidan O’Donnell.